Speculation Grows: Will Tebow Get His First Lap Dance At Jets’ Favorite Strip Club, Rick’s Cabaret?

Even for someone as wholesome as Tim Tebow, it might be hard to resist the constant stream of gorgeous Rick’s Cabaret Girls appearing in the media, beckoning him to come to the renowned pleasure palace for his first lap dance. Rick’s Cabaret New York is known for its celebrity clientele and is a favorite spot of many pro athletes.

Since Tebow signed with the Jets, a growing number of stories, with headlines like “Rick’s NY Offers Tim Tebow His First Lap Dance,” have been appearing across the media.

Ironically, if Tebow accepts the high-profile invite (Who knows? Maybe he’s already accepted!), the public may never know about it. Rick’s Cabaret, the only publicly-traded chain of gentlemen’s clubs in the  country, puts a premium on its clients’ privacy.

As Rick’s Cabaret Girl Beverly, a busty blonde beauty who’s a huge Jets fan, explains: “We are not allowed to name any names. We protect everyone’s privacy—that’s why we even have a private elevator to take celebrities and athletes directly up to the VIP third floor of luxury private suites.”


Rick's Cabaret New York

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