Pies Lies And Thighs

Backpacking South America has always been a dream of mine. That dream became a reality when myself and my boyfriend Jack began saving for an epic year journey around South and potentially Central America. We cut costs everywhere, did our research (if anyone is interested in how we saved £ I’ll definitely consider doing another blog?) and saved enough to keep us comfortably traveling for a year at minimum. We knew it was ambitious but the dream was just too exciting.


So first things first. So far backpacking South America as a Brit has been a world apart from traveling Asia. That might sound obvious, but honestly I did expect some parts of being ‘on the road’ in Brazil to be similar everywhere in the world. Be prepared to learn as much Portuguese as possible. English is very scarce outside the big cities – especially if you are going ‘off…

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One Month in Brazil- Recife to Caraíva