Rio de Janeiro: the marvellous city


Going Somewhere

To only spend three days in Rio de Janeiro is tough. It’s a giant city, with many different neighbourhoods spread out over the hills and between the beaches on the Brazilian coast. Three days is simply not enough but I gave it my best shot at ticking off at least the ‘must-see’ sights without rushing too much.

Between my 30-day visa expiring in Bolivia and my pre-booked flight to Kenya from Rio, unfortunately three days was all I had. But it certainly gave me a good taste of what a trip in Brazil could be like, of course somewhere still on my list to see.


My first day was spent mostly at the hippie fair market in Ipanema where I spent the last of my trip funds on clothing and jewellery. I also sampled a lot of local food which, like the rest of South America, is pretty gluten free…

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